Inspirational Testimonials


“At the age of 13, my daughter was introduced to Equessense. She began volunteering with Equessense then and still continues to do so. She is now 19. When she first came to the organization she was going through a challenging time in life. I will not share her story here, in order to protect her privacy.  I will just say that she experienced things in life that no young person should ever have to experience. When you have a child that has been through a traumatic experience, they can sometimes easily succumb to negative influences. Equessense became a distraction from those influences, and helped become stronger to resisting those influences. My daughter has a beautiful giving spirit and Equessense continues to encourage that light to shine.

Throughout these years, I’ve listened to my daughter tell me of the miracles that happen daily there.  She’s told me many, but the one that sticks out most to me is a story of a little boy laughing for the first time.  I know to some this may seem like a small accomplishment, but imagine having a child and never hearing their laughter, then he gets on a horse and you hear it for the first time. I remember my daughter describing the mother’s tears of joy with tears in her own eyes.

When my daughter tells me of the miracles that happen at Equessense I can see the joy and pride in her eyes knowing that she has taken part in these miracles happening. By taking part in something greater than herself, she continues to gain self-esteem and working with these children has aided in her own healing.

The Equessense family is made up of amazing people, who continue to encourage my daughter in a positive direction in life. For that I am grateful. I’m also thankful for the wonderful children who receive therapy there. They may benefit from my daughter’s hours of volunteer work, but throughout the years, she has benefited far more from them.” ~Anonymous. May 2014