We at Equessense would like to honor the memory of those we have loved and lost…people as well as our horses.

A loss is never easy but we can carry on their memories by sharing their stories. We hope that their Tribute pages will touch your heart and help heal any pain that a loss can bring. None of us here at Equessense will ever forget them. We will carry them in our hearts forever.

Our horses and our much loved individuals have made a tremendous impact on everyone with their gentle kindness, their love, and their contribution to the growth of our special angels; our riders, our children and adults, and even our volunteers. To to them we say thank you for all you have done and please watch over us as you ride freely in the sky above us.

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  1. mcbridges says:

    Although my interactions with Princess were pretty limited, I still felt the loss and hurt just by watching those who knew and loved her grieve for her. She was so beautiful. I love all that I’ve heard about her and how she helped so many.

    I fully believe that horses are extremely strong willed (and very intelligent) and it was that strong will that made her fight so hard to stay with us. But, as always, God had a different plan for her and must have really needed her to call her to the big field in the sky. She truly is an angel now like she was in life.

    The Balloon Dedication was so bittersweet. There was laughter, yet so much sorrow as well. The turn out was amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I pulled in and saw so many balloons and so many people (or her family) gathered around the picnic table waiting to send those messages they put in their balloons up to her. It was a beautiful closure for everyone involved.

    I did not release a balloon because I didn’t know what to say. But I did pray that night and hopefully my message that she was so loved got to her, I know it did. I did feel bad about photographing everything. I was doing a job that I have a passion for at the expense of everyone’s loss. I do hope it was not seen as disrespectful but seen as my way of saying goodbye and giving back to those who loved Princess.

    To the Equessense team, children, volunteers and visitors I hope that you all will have enough love in your hearts to love the other horses just as much as Princess was loved. She will never truly be gone as her spirit lives in all of you and will continue to do so for the rest of your lives.

    Much love to everyone. Michelle B.

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